Mary Lou Gripshover of Ohio, United States, is one of the two primary testers of new DaffSeek features. She has evaluated and tested every version of DaffSeek from the earliest to the latest. Mary Lou has a keen eye for errors which she rarely misses. She shares her own ideas and provides thoughtful feedback on the usefulness of new DaffSeek features. Because of Mary Lou’s enthusiasm and dedication, We consider her to be the ‘mentor’ of DaffSeek.

Tony James of England, is one of the two primary testers for new DaffSeek features. Tony’s extensive testing of functions ensured a problem-free implementation of the initial version of DaffSeek and its subsequent features. Tony’s ideas and opinions about the intricate workings for new functions are greatly appreciated.

Peter Ramsay of New Zealand, Derrick Turbitt of Northern Ireland, Harold Koopowitz of California, and Bob Spotts of California all serve on the ADS Internet Services Committee and provide DaffSeek testing support. This team is comprised of international & U.S. members thus giving valuable feedback about new functions as well as DaffSeek’s overall performance in a variety of regions.