Daffodil Name Help

Names may be selected three ways:

1. Your entry will be matched with the beginning of DaffSeek cultivar names and becomes more precise as you enter more letters. For example if you search for ‘Fire’, you will see matches like ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘Firedance’, or ‘Fire Song’.

2. Select the checkbox “match any part of a name” to search for any flower name that has your entry as a subpart of it. For example, if you search for ‘Fire’, you will see matches like ‘Fire Song’, ‘Jetfire’, or ‘Solar Fire’.

Subpart matches return all possible matches so Method 2. contains all of Method 1. and more. If you choose a suggested cultivar name, all other form items are ignored.

3. To see a sortable list of all matches, enter a flower name or partial name, ignore the suggested names, then press the “Submit Query” or “Go” key. This is called a “Full Query” and results in a ‘List Page’ which can be sorted by Flower Name, Classification, Breeder, Year, Country, or Number Photos.

A full query is when a combination of form items is selected to narrow down a search for a daffodil. You might do this if you are unsure about a name but do know some characteristics of the cultivar.

If you want to include a partial daffodil name in the full query, enter the name but ignore the suggested cultivar names, then click or select another item on the form. When you have finished entering your combination of items, click “Submit Query” or “Go”.

Suggested names must be ignored for a full query because they are only compared to cultivar names in the database. A full query results in a database search for any flowers that match all form inputs.