Quick Help

DaffSeek can be a little intimidating at first, but remember you only have to enter a partial daffodil name to see results.

You can find detailed information and photos about a daffodil, simply by entering a word like “Pink” for the “Daffodil Name” on the Main Query screen. Once you see the results of a query for “Pink”, you will see the other screens of DaffSeek and understand how it works.

DaffSeek returns information for any match or partial match of the “Daffodil Name”. For example, a query for a daffodil name “Ice” will return a list of results including the names “Cherry Ice” or “Lemon Juice”.

To find a unique daffodil, even if you do not know the entire name:

  1. On the “Main Query” screen, key in the part of the “Daffodil Name” you know. The first thing you will see is a drop down menu of the first dozen matches for the name you entered. If you do not see what you are looking for, keep entering more characters and you will see more name matches. If you click on one of these matches, you will see details and photos for just that daffodil.
  2. When the enter key or ‘Submit Query’ button is clicked, all of the “Main Query” inputs are evaluated and a “List Page” of multiple matches with minor details may be displayed to help you select a daffodil. If only one flower matches your inputs, you will see details and photos for just that daffodil.
  3. While viewing details and photos for a specific daffodil, you can click on any thumbnail photo to “zoom in” and enlarge it. Page through all the photos by clicking “right” or “left”.
  4. To return to the list of matches from your last query, “hover” your cursor over “Main Query.” Click on “Back to List” from the drop-down box.
  5. If you want to look for another daffodil, “hover” your cursor over “Main Query.” Click on “Return to Query” from the drop-down box.  The inputs, you previously entered, will be displayed on the “Main Query” screen.  If you want to refine your search, enter additional information and resubmit your query.
  6. Anytime you want to start over with a new query, click on the ‘Clear’ button.