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      The beautiful photographs in DaffSeek are one of our brightest and most popular features.  The American Daffodil Society would like to thank and acknowledge the 365 photographers from 23 countries who contributed their photos to DaffSeek. Without the generosity of these talented photographers, a vital feature of DaffSeek would not be possible.

    To send photographs to DaffSeek

      Even though there are about 39,500 photographs in DaffSeek, there are many daffodils without photographs.

      If you would like to contribute photographs to DaffSeek, please click here:  Contribute Photos.

    To request permission to use a photograph

      All DaffSeek photographs are the property of the American Daffodil Society, Inc. and the original photographer and may not be reproduced in any form without the express approval of the American Daffodil Society, Inc.

      To request permission to use a DaffSeek photograph, please click here:  Request Photo.

Contributing Photographers

    (Ordered by First Name)

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        A. K. Shipp, England, UK
        A.and P. Nijssen Bros., Ltd., the Netherlands
        A.J.R. (John) Pearson, England, UK
        Alan Paterson, New Zealand
        Alec Gray, England, UK
        Alice Wray Taylor, Tennessee, United States
        Allen Haas, North Carolina, United States
        Amy Anthony, Connecticut, United States
        Andrew Carrington, Australia
        Andrew Jenkins, New Zealand
        Andrew Lovell, Wales, England, UK
        Angela Peterson, United States
        Ann Hibbs, Texas, United States
        Anne Harding, Melbourne, Australia
        Anne Wright, England, UK
        Annette Parker Kahn, Louisiana, United States
        Arno Kroon, Narveco, Breezand, the Netherlands

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        Barry Best, New Zealand
        Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee, United States
        Ben Blake, California, United States
        Bert Goddard, Isles of Scilly
        Betty Goetz, Washington, United States
        Betty Mae Clark, South Island, New Zealand
        Bill Carter, Washington, United States
        Bill Dijk, North Island, New Zealand
        Bill Lee, Ohio, United States
        Bill Rash, Texas, United States
        Bloembollenkwekerij Veul BV, Anna Paulowna, the Netherlands
        Bob Isaak, Virginia, United States
        Bob Moore, Scotland, UK
        Bonnie Campbell, Georgia, United States
        Bradley McCarson, South Carolina, United States
        Brenda Lyon, New South Wales, Australia
        Brendan Sayers, Country Meath, Ireland
        Brent and Becky Heath, Virginia, United States
        Brent and Becky's Bulbs, Virginia, United States
        Brian Mathew, England, UK
        Brian S. Duncan, Northern Ireland, UK
        Brogden Bulbs Catalog, North Island, New Zealand
        Bryan Zumbar, Texas, United States

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        Candace Crosby, Virginia, United States
        Carlos van der Veek, North Holland, the Netherlands
        Carncairn Daffodils, Northern Ireland, UK
        Caroline G. Thomson, Fife, Scotland, UK
        Carolyn Hawkins, Georgia, United States
        Carter Daffodils, Washington, United States
        Charles Anthony, Connecticut, United States
        Charles M. Burns, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, UK
        Charles Nelson, England, UK
        Cheryl Dymond, England, UK
        Chriss Rainey, Virginia, United States
        Christian Shejbal, Roma, Italy
        Christopher Harley, Connecticut, United States
        Clay Higgins, New Jersey, United States
        Coates Clark, Virginia, United States
        Coleen Toone, Utah, United States
        Colin Caissie, Maine, United States
        Colin Crotty, South Island, New Zealand
        Colin Reid, North Island, New Zealand
        Cosby George, Connecticut, United States
        Craig Broadfield, Tasmania, Australia
        Curt Norman, United States
        Curtis Aumiller, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, United States
        Cynthia Haeffner, Missouri, United States

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        D. Keith McCray, Virginia, United States
        Daniel Bellinger, Ohio, United States
        Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia, United States
        David Adams, South Island, New Zealand
        David Hardy, Northern Ireland, UK
        David Jackson, Tasmania, Australia
        David L. Sheppard, Canada
        David Liedlich, Connecticut, United States
        David Lowndes, England, UK
        David Walker, Northern Ireland, UK
        Dean R. Croucher, England, UK
        Deb Pratt, California, United States
        Deb Wheeler, MN, United States
        Debbie Strong, Texas, United States
        Deborah Jordan, Texas, United States
        Delia Bankhead, North Carolina, United States
        Denis Dailey, Minnesota, United States
        Denise E. McQuarrie, South Island, New Zealand
        Dennis Varza, Connecticut, United States
        Derrick Turbitt, Northern Ireland, UK
        Dianne Mrak, New Hampshire, United States
        Dick van Duin, Breezand, the Netherlands
        Don Caton, Pennsylvania, United States
        Donal McBride, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, UK
        Donald Hunter, New Zealand
        Donna Delano, Massachusetts, United States
        Dr. Eugeni Sierra Ráfols, Spain
        Dr. John R. Reed, Michigan, United States
        Dr. Michael G. Temple-Smith, Tasmania, Australia
        Dr. Tom D. Throckmorton, Iowa, United States
        Drew Mc Farland, Ohio, United States
        Dryad Nursery, England, UK
        Dugald C. MacArthur, Scotland, UK
        Dutch Gardens Catalog, the Netherlands

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        Eddie Jarman, England, UK
        Edward Dailey, Kentucky, United States
        Elise Havens, Oregon, United States
        Elizabeth Skokan, Massachusetts, United States
        Ellen Cole, Ohio, United States
        Eric Breed, North Holland, the Netherlands
        Erik Barnhoorn, South Holland, the Netherlands
        Erle Randall, England, UK
        Esker Farm Daffodils, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, UK
        Ethel Smith, Minnesota, United States
        Eva Montgomery, Ohio, United States
        Eva Rentschler, Schwarzwald, Germany

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        Fa. H.W. van Saase and Son, the Netherlands
        Fa. P.C. van Saase and Son, the Netherlands
        Fentongollan Farms, England, UK
        Fermi de Sousa, Victoria, Australia
        Fisher Nurseries, North Island, New Zealand
        Floratuin Julianadorp Catalog, the Netherlands
        Fluwel, the Netherlands
        Frank Nyikos, Indiana, United States
        Frankie Charlton, England, UK
        Fred Silcock, Victoria, Australia

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        G. de Wit and Zn, Lisse, the Netherlands
        G. P. Burger Bloembollen bv, North Holland, the Netherlands
        Gail Jackson, England, UK
        Garden Club of Virginia, Virginia, United States
        Gary Springer, Georgia, United States
        Gebr. T. en E. Ammerlaan BV, the Netherlands
        Genie Applegate, Virginia, United States
        Geoff Roderick, Victoria, Australia
        Georg Herman, Bavaria, Germany
        George Dorner, Illinois, United States
        George Norris, Scotland, UK
        George Tarry, England, UK
        Geraldine Gilbert, Illinois, United States
        Gerard H. Wayne, California, United States
        Gerard Knehans, Jr., Missouri, United States
        Gerry Wass, Missouri, United States
        Gillian Huffmon, Ontario, Canada
        Gladden Willis, Louisiana, United States
        Gordon Coombes, South Island, New Zealand
        Grace Noyes, Massachusetts, United States
        Graeme and Faith Miller, North Island, New Zealand
        Graeme Brumley, Victoria, Australia
        Graeme Davis, New South Wales, Australia
        Graeme Miller, North Island, New Zealand
        Graham Fleming, ACT, Australia
        Graham J. Phillips, North Island, New Zealand
        Grahame Miller Ware, BC, Canada
        Grant E. Mitsch, Oregon, United States
        Green in Between, De Zilk, the Netherlands
        Greer Gouldsbrough, England, UK
        Greg Freeman, South Carolina, United States
        Guntis Grants, Latvia

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        Hakan Eyi, Turkey
        Harold G. Cross, Tasmania, Australia
        Harold Koopowitz, California, United States
        Harry I. Tuggle, Jr., Virginia, United States
        Heath Family Archives, Virginia, United States
        Hein Meeuwissen, North Holland, the Netherlands
        Henk Wijnhout and Sons, the Netherlands
        Henk Wijnhout and Theo van der Hulst, the Netherlands
        Henk Wijnhout, the Netherlands, the Netherlands
        Henry Hartmann, United States
        Henry Shejbal, Roma, Italy
        Hubert Bourne, Ohio, United States

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        Ian H. Dyson, Victoria, Australia
        Ian Scroggy, Northern Ireland, UK
        Inge Nieuweboer, the Netherlands
        Ivor Fox, North Yorkshire, England, UK

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        J. de Waard Bloembollenkwekerij, the Netherlands
        J. G. Weijers and Son, North Holland, the Netherlands
        J. Lionel Richardson, Ireland
        J. Walkers Bulbs, England, UK
        J. Wijnhout, the Netherlands
        J.J. Grullemans and Sons, the Netherlands
        J.N. Hancock and Co., Victoria, Australia
        Jac. Uittenboggard en Zonen BV, the Netherlands
        Jack Gerritsen, Holland, the Netherlands
        Jack S. Romine, California, United States
        Jackson's Daffodils, Tasmania, Australia
        Jacques Amand, England, UK
        James Ian Young, Scotland, UK
        James L. Akers, England, UK
        James S. Wells, New Jersey, United States
        Jan Pennings, Breezand, the Netherlands
        Jane and David Vaughan, Virginia, United States
        Jane Birchfield, Virginia, United States
        Jane Grant, England, UK
        Jane Vaughan, Virginia, United States
        Janelle Noble, Tasmania, Australia
        Janet Hickman, Virginia, United States
        Janet Loyd, Fayetteville, Georgia, United States
        Janet Miller, England, UK
        Janet Schneider, California, United States
        Janet Woody, Virginia, United States
        Janice Metzler, Georgia, United States
        Jason Delaney PHS Daffodils, Missouri, United States
        Jeanne Rowles, Pennsylvania, United States
        Jeremy P.E. Wilkes, England, UK
        Jerry Wilson, California, United States
        Jim Kochevar, Illinois, United States
        Jim Liggett, Ohio, United States
        Jim Wilson, Kentucky, United States
        Joanna L. Tilghman, Maryland, United States
        Joe Hamm, Pennsylvania, United States
        Joe Seamone, Delaware, Delaware, United States
        Joerg Lebsa, Germany
        John A. Hunter, South Island, New Zealand
        John Beck Jr, Michigan, Michigan, United States
        John Castor, California, United States
        John E. Colley, England, UK
        John F. McLennan, North Island, New Zealand
        John Gibson, England, UK
        John Russell, South Island, New Zealand
        John Scheepers Bulbs, Inc., Connecticut, United States
        John W. Blanchard, England, UK
        John Whitman, Washington DC, United States
        Jon Kawaguchi, California, United States
        Joost Pennings, Breezand, the Netherlands
        Joy Dyson, Victoria, Australia
        Juan Andrés Varas Braun, Valdivia, Chile
        Juergen Steininger, Pennsylvania, United States
        Julie Minch, Maryland, United States
        Juliet Leigh, New Zealand
        Julius Wadekamper, Oregon, United States
        Junjiro Miyata, Fukushimaken, Japan

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        K.A.T. Low, England, UK
        Karen Caldwell, Georgia, United States
        Karen Duncan, Ireland
        Karen Spotts, Colorado, United States
        Karen Vout, Tasmania, Australia
        Kate Carney, Maryland, United States
        Kath Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand
        Kathleen Bartunek, Indiana, United States
        Kathleen Simpson, West Virginia, United States
        Kathy Welsh, Virginia, United States
        Keith Kaiser, Ohio, United States
        Keith Kridler, Texas, United States
        Ken D. Fink, California, United States
        Kevin Crowe, Tasmania, Australia
        Kevin Inkawhich, New York, United States
        Kim Ann Parrish, New York, United States
        Kirby Fong, California, United States
        Klaas Zwaay, North Holland, the Netherlands
        Kwekerij de Schüllhorn, the Netherlands

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        Lachlan Keown, South Island, New Zealand
        Larry Force, Mississippi, United States
        Larry Mains, Pennsylvania, United States
        Larry Wier, Michigan, United States
        Laura Baxter, Washington, United States
        Laurent Lieser, Villefort, France
        Laurie F. Manser, England, UK
        Lawrence Trevanion, ACT, Australia
        Len Weber, Oregon, United States
        Lesley Cox, South Island, New Zealand
        Lewis Turner, Maryland, United States
        Linda Farina, New York, United States
        Linda Van Beck, Florida, United States
        Living Gardens, United States
        Liz Ellwood, New Jersey, United States
        Logan Cross, South Island, New Zealand
        Lohr, Unknown country
        Loly Galdón, Spain
        Longeray Daffodil Farm Catalog, Victoria, Australia
        Louise Hardison Linton, Tennessee, United States
        Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi, United States
        Lucy Carter Wilson, Virginia, United States
        Lucy Tolmach, California, United States
        Lyn Edwards, ACT, Australia
        Lynn Hoffmann, Ohio, United States
        Lynn Slackman, Missouri, United States

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        M H. Tribe, England, UK
        M.H. van der Zon and J.G. Weijers, North Holland, the Netherlands
        M.H. van der Zon and Sons, the Netherlands
        Malcolm Lind, North Island, New Zealand
        Malcolm Wheeler, South Island, New Zealand
        Marcello Pasini, Italy
        Margaret Macneale, Minnesota, United States
        Margaret Seconi, North Island, New Zealand
        Margaret Tyrrell, North Island, New Zealand
        Marguerite Donkin, Connecticut, United States
        Mari Marstein, Norway
        Marian Langsford, England, UK
        Mark Smyth, Northern Ireland, UK
        Mark Westermeyer, Ohio, United States
        Martha Anderson, Mississippi, United States
        Martha Ann Griner, New Jersey, United States
        Mary Durtschi, Utah, United States
        Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio, United States
        Max Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand
        Meg Yerger, Maryland, United States
        Melissa Reading, California, United States
        Michael and Lisa Kuduk, Kentucky, United States
        Michael Baxter, England, UK
        Michael Brook, England, UK
        Michael Brown, South Island, New Zealand
        Michael Burrell, England, UK
        Michael Darlow, England, UK
        Michael Jefferson-Brown, England, UK
        Michael Kammerlander, the Netherlands
        Michael R. Berrigan, United States
        Michael Salmon, England, UK
        Michiel de Waard, the Netherlands
        Mitchell W. Carney, Maryland, United States
        Molly Adams, Tennessee, United States
        Moyra and Bill McCandless, Northern Ireland, UK
        Mrs Michaeline Kelly, Northern Ireland, UK
        Mrs Valerie McCaffrey, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, UK
        Mrs. Ben M. (Eve) Robertson, South Carolina, United States
        Mrs. Goethe (Helen) Link, Indiana, United States
        Myrna Smith, Minnesota, United States

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        Nancy Tackett, California, United States, North Holland, the Netherlands
        Nathan Silvers, Illinois, United States
        Nathan Wilson, California, United States
        Neil McQuarrie, South Island, New Zealand
        Nial Watson, Northern Ireland, UK
        Nic. Dofferhof, the Netherlands
        Noeline McLaren, South Island, New Zealand
        Northern Ireland Daffodil Group, Northern Ireland, UK

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        O. David Niswonger, Missouri, United States
        O.A. Taylor and Sons, Unknown country
        Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs, Michigan, United States
        Oleg Amekhin, West Ukraine, Ukraine
        Owen Davies, Tazmania, Australia

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        P.Q.M. Pennings, the Netherlands
        Paul Barlow, Scotland, UK
        Paul Botting, Virginia, United States
        Paul Chapman Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Suffolk, England, UK
        Paul Koloszar, Ohio, United States
        Paul Rumkorf, Australia
        Pedro Ribeiro, Portugal
        Peggy Macneale, Ohio, United States
        Peter D.K. Ramsay, North Island, New Zealand
        Peter Dealtrey, England, UK
        Peter Irwin, North Island, New Zealand
        Peter James (Jamie) Radcliff, Tasmania, Australia
        Petra Vogt, Germany
        Phil and Graham Phillips, North Island, New Zealand
        Phyllis Hess, Ohio, United States
        Pierfrancesco De Sanctis, Italy

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        Quality Daffodils, England, UK
        Quentin Erlandson, Maryland, United States

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        Rafa Díez Domínguez, Spain
        Ralph Sowell, Mississippi, United States
        Rathowen Daffodils, Northern Ireland, UK
        Ray Cobb, England, UK
        Ray Rogers, Wisconsin, United States
        Reg Nicholl, England, UK
        RHS Bulb Committee, London, England, UK
        Richard Ezell, PA, United States
        Richard McCaw, Northern Ireland, UK
        Richard Moriarty, England, UK
        Richard Patrick, England, UK
        Rik Pennings, North Holland, the Netherlands
        Ringhaddy Daffodils, Northern Ireland, UK
        Rob Illingworth, Ontario, Canada
        Rob Slarke, Australia
        Robert and Rannveig Wallis, England, UK
        Robert Bradburne, England, UK
        Robert Darling, Virginia, United States
        Robert Johnson, California, United States
        Robert S. Moore, Scotland, UK
        Robert Spotts, California, United States
        Robert Whittington, Mississippi, United States
        Robert Wiseman, England, UK
        Robin Croucham, England, UK
        Rod Armstrong, Texas, United States
        Rod Barwick, Tasmania, Australia
        Roger Braithwaite, England, UK
        Roger Parsons, England
        Roger Parsons, England, UK
        Ron A. Scamp, England, UK
        Ron and Margaret Tyrrell, North Island, New Zealand
        Ron Scamp and Carlos van der Veek, England, the Netherlands
        Ron Tyrrell, North Island, New Zealand
        Rose Bradley, Illinois, United States
        Rose Sevastopulo, Co. Dublin, Ireland
        Rosemary Clements, Country Tryrone, Northern Ireland, UK
        Rosemary Thomas, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
        Ross Hornsby, Alabama, United States
        Roy van Woesik, Van Woesik Veredeling B.V., Breezand, the Netherlands
        Rozanne Burnby, South Island, New Zealand
        Ruth Johnson, Missouri, United States

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        Sally Kington, England, UK
        Samuel Robinson, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, UK
        Sandra Stewart, Alabama, United States
        Sara Ann Shryoc, Texas, United States
        Sara Van Beck, Georgia, United States
        Seamus O'Brien, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
        Sean McClafferty, Co. Donegal, Ireland
        Sharon McDonald, England, UK
        Simon Mehnert, England, UK
        Sofia Scheutz, Stockholm, Sweden
        Stephen J. Vinisky, Oregon, United States
        Stephen Jackson, England, UK
        Stephenie Saniga, Ohio, United States
        Steve Hampson, California, United States
        Steve Taylor, Mississippi, United States
        Stuart Murray, South Island, New Zealand
        Sue Taylor, Northumberland, England, UK
        Sue Tylor, England, UK
        Susan Duncan, Nevada, United States
        Suzanne Raymond, Missouri, United States
        Suzy Wert, Indiana, United States
        Swither, United States

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        Tackett Blake, California, United States
        Teri Carter, WA - Washington, United States
        Terry Haley, Unknown country
        The Ulster New Zealand Trust, Northern Ireland, UK
        Theo Sanders, Germany
        Theodore E. Snazelle, Mississippi, United States
        Thierry Dronet, Lorraine, France
        Tim Brown, Kentucky, United States
        Tim Monckton, England, UK
        Tim Richardson, England
        Tom Roche, Georgia, United States
        Tom Stettner, Ohio, United States
        Tommy Dunn, Arkansas, United States
        Tony Dymond, England, UK
        Tony James, England, UK
        Trevor Rollinson, South Island, New Zealand

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        U.S. National Arboretum, Washington D.C., United States

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        Van Kampen Bulbs, Holland, the Netherlands
        van Zonneveld and Co., the Netherlands
        Vee Kozma, South Carolina, United States
        Victoria Nightingale, England, UK
        Vijay Chandhok, Pennsylvania, United States
        Vincenzo Ragusa, Sicily, Italy
        Vitauts Skuja, Latvia
        Vladimir Hempel, Germany
        VOF J.S. Pennings De Bilt, the Netherlands

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        Walker Bulbs, England, UK
        Wayne Brown, Victoria, Australia
        Wayne Steele, California, United States
        Wells Knierim, Ohio, United States
        Wenday Veitch, South Island, New Zealand
        White Flower Farm, Connecticut, United States
        Wilfred Hall, North Island, New Zealand
        Wilfred Roloff, Germany
        Will Ashburner, Victoria, Australia
        William F. Tribe, Oregon, United States
        William G. Pannill, Virginia, United States
        William George Smith, England
        William R.P. (Bill) Welch, California, United States
        Willis H. Wheeler, Virginia, United States
        Willy Hublau, Belgium
        Wim de Goede, Breezand, the Netherlands
        World Flower B.V, the Netherlands

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        Yeskendir Satekov, Astana, Kazakhstan

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        Zeki Ikiz, Turkey