Digital Photo Management

Nancy Tackett of California, United States, coordinates with contributing photographers to receive CDROM’s, DVD’s, and email’s with digital photos. She works with 378 photographers from 23 countries to acquire daffodil photographs. Nancy initiates the processing and photo updating process for DaffSeek. When a person on the Internet requests permission to use a DaffSeek photo, she acts as a coordinator or agent between the original photographer and the requestor to obtain permission to use the photo

Information Management

DaffSeek data was collected from various sources and has increased over many years. Much effort has been made to coordinate with the growers, hybridizers, raisers, and experts to validate, correct, and edit this data. DaffSeek currently has about 33,500 data records for daffodil varieties.

Nancy Tackett collects daffodil information from a variety of sources and prepares these for loading into DaffSeek.  Nancy receives new information primarily from Mary Lou Gripshover, hybridizers, and notable daffodil growers for inclusion into DaffSeek.

Mary Lou Gripshover of Ohio, United States, is the American Daffodil Society liaison with the Royal Horticultural Society.  She receives new daffodil registrations from hybridizers in the U.S. and world-wide daffodil registration information from the Registrar of the Royal Horticultural Society.  Mary Lou continually reviews DaffSeek information and photo names for accuracy.  She is considered the ‘mentor’ for DaffSeek.

Melanie Underwood is the Daffodil Registrar of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), in London England.  Melanie, as did her predecessor Sally Kington, sends information on newly registered daffodils yearly to the ADS.  Updates and corrections are frequently exchanged between the ADS and RHS to ensure the highest quality daffodil information exists in both organizations.  The Royal Horticultural Society, which was established in 1804, is now the UK’s leading gardening charity dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening

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