Historic Daffodils

An ADS Historic Daffodil is any daffodil formally registered with the Royal Horticultural Society or known in gardens prior to 1940. This cutoff date marks the beginning of World War II, a time period during which fewer new daffodil cultivars were either created or made available, especially in Europe.

The America Daffodil Society has had a Historic Daffodil Committee since 1989. Committee members have researched, collected and exchanged bulbs with the expressed purpose of correctly identifying and verifying cultivars. Side by side growing of exchanged cultivars allow studies showing the effects of growing conditions and verification of correct cultivars. The Committee’s advocacy work resulted in the Historic Section found in ADS sanctioned daffodil shows.

The Committee is dedicated to encouraging gardeners, public gardens, and ADS exhibitors to grow historic daffodils in order to assure their preservation for the pleasure and use of future generations.

The American Daffodil Society hosts an email discussion forum that is exclusively about Historic Daffodils. For more information, please use our “Contact ADS Historics Group” form.

There are about 10,000 Historic Daffodils that were grown or registered before 1940. Because of this high volume, there is no official list. However, DaffSeek recognizes historic daffodils with the phrase “ADS Historics” on specific cultivar detail pages.

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